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We inspire people to support the work needed to save these magical places forever.

The Save the Redwoods League Education Program helps to inspire and teach new generations of caretakers about redwood forests, why they matter and what needs to be done to protect them.

Learn How We Inspire People to Learn About and Help Redwood Forests

Supporting Education

See how we help connect people of all ages to these majestic forests through this website, the many programs we sponsor and our outreach efforts.

Exploring Redwoods

View redwood forest videos and photos.

Creating Redwood Champions

Learn how we are advocating for redwood forests and how you can help.

How Do the Redwoods Inspire You?

"Cool times 25,000," "awesome," "fun," "really beautiful," "in my heart, I feel peace" and "the thought of them brings an amazing feeling to my soul," are among the ways kids and adults describe the redwoods and how the trees make them feel — see redwood forest supporters in our Redwood Inspirations videos below. Be sure to tell us how the redwoods inspire you!

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